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Find Your Passion

 We offer Landscape Construction or Horticultural technician related jobs.  Our goal is to find a fit for you within our organization that will highlight your passion and expertise. 

Competitive Wages & Benefits

Our wages are based on your experience and are competitive within our Industry.  We offer benefits for our returning employees and their families. 

Discover your Creative side

Our projects are unique and will encourage you to learn new skills.  Every installation shows off creative thinking and showcases our teams talents. 

Industry Leaders

In 2023 we have earned  the Accredited Landscape Horticulture Company Designation. Earth Art Landscapes has earned provincial honors at the Landscape Ontario Awards of Excellence, featuring stunning Landscape projects that our crews are proud to be part of.

Develop and Grow

We encourage continuous education for anyone that is interested. Our staff has worked towards being  Industry Certified,  FLP Certified or have taken advanced drivers training towards a higher License Class. 

Team Work

Team work comprises a large part of your job.  From helping to load a truck in the mornings so everyone is on their way or helping to unload so everyone can call it the night.  

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