Due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus, Earth Art Landscapes Inc., effective April 27/2020 will be continuing landscape duties while practicing a safe and clean work environment by following the guidelines below.


1.    Each crew will start at the shop at different times in the morning to reduce social interaction. (Start 15 min after other crew has left shop if needed)

2.    Earth Art Landscapes Inc. Office has imposed a 'Locked Door' policy to public.

3.    All consultations and estimates to take place outdoors, and to remain 2 metres apart

Health & Hygiene

1.    Always use your own Personal Protective Equipment

2.    Work gloves worn when needed

3.    Where possible, wear gloves when interacting with high touch areas.  Do not touch your face with gloved hands.  Take care when removing gloves. 

       Ensure you wash your hands after removing them. 

4.    Use provided hand sanitizer and wash stations regularly.

5.    Avoid touching face, nose, and mouth with unclean hands.

6.    Be aware of personal hygiene for blowing noses (use Kleenex, hand sanitizer and no spitting).

7.    Practice proper coughing and sneezing (cough into arm).

8.    Proper cigarette butt disposal - saliva on butts.  Must leave with your garbage at the end of each day.

9.    Masks worn during work (if within 6 feet)

10.  Each crew member should have own personal towel for drying/cleaning hands.

11.  No garbage to be left on site.  All garbage to leave job area each night.

12.  All personal garbage and recycling kept separate and disposed at each individuals home (not at shop)

13.  Portable toilets will be provided when possible.

14.  No entry into clients residence (no use of washroom).

15.  If you stop at public washrooms, wash/sanitize your hands (suggested before and after entering a public washroom)

16.  Wash your clothes as soon as you get home.

17.  Wash yourself as soon as you get home.

Truck & Equipment

1.   All employees to use their own personal delegated equipment (i.e. Truck, Saws, hand tools, etc.).  This will be colour coated for each

     crew member.  Any tools that have to be shared between crews must be sanitized before use.

2.   All hand tools come back with truck (tampers, wheelbarrows, etc.)  can stay on site in a pre-determined area.

3.   Tools sanitized when needed throughout the day (multiple people using the tool).

4.   Any tools left on site must be sanitized each morning.

5.   Each employee to wipe down their area and the truck after each shift (Commonly used areas)

6.   Entering a new vehicle, vehicle needs to be wiped down with a sanitizer product.

7.   Mini-excavator/Bobcat to be sanitized daily.  Only one operator to use equipment.

8.   If renting equipment is necessary, wipe down all areas with sanitary products.

9.   Crews are not to overlap into other trucks when possible (i.e. no mixing of crews on site or in trucks).

10.  When filling truck with gas wear gloves when pumping or use hand sanitizer when finished.

11.  Truck should be filled with gas at the end of the work day when necessary.

12.  Each driver is responsible for filling up water jug wash stations and safety supplies available for their use.

13.  There will be no Fast food stops during work time during the threat of COVID-19.  All personal lunches/coffee thermoses to be used.       


Protect & Prevent


1.   Avoid contact with people who are sick.

2.    'Out of Country' - Mandatory self isolation for 14 days.

3.   If you become ill:  immediately notify Supervisor/Management

4.   If a staff member has a fever or COVID symptoms they stay home and self isolate.

5.   Respect personal space - 2 metres of personal space.  Social distancing on the job site.